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Event: July 2015 Australian Speech
Location: Australia
Result: Testimonial from Eric Gregory / Gregory Business Coaching

G’day Mate - July 2015 Australian Speech

photo Gregory Business Coaching based In Brisbane, Australia works with owners, entrepreneurs and senior team members of Small & Mid-Sized Companies. The company specializes in trades industry businesses but regularly coaches businesses in all industries and sectors with one-0n-one coaching programs, group coaching programs and online training. In July 2015 Jason addressed the annual Strategic Retreat of the company’s clients. The next day he received the following unsolicited email from Eric Gregory, the company’s founder.

"I just wanted to say thank you so much again for yesterdays’ speech. I know you have a very busy schedule and the fact that you made time to do this one is awesome.

The entire room was busily taking notes and listening to every single word, I could see their minds ticking over.

Finding your purpose really resonated with everyone and, at the end of the event, I asked each company to stand at the front of the room and present to their peers what their goals and plans for this financial year were, what they want to improve in their business and what their purpose/cause is; why are they in business? Why do they do what they do? For some of them, their purpose is still a work in progress, I think it challenges people on a level they haven’t been challenged at before, it REALLY makes people think and that’s fantastic.

Here are a few examples from businesses around the room of their purpose:

  • Creating designs to build people’s dreams (Building Company)
  • To help Australian families live better by Design (Drafting and Design Company)
  • Empowering the individual, empowers the many (Online Education Company)
  • Helping people use technology to improve their living environments (Electronic Technology Company)
  • We believe every Australian should be able to own a home (Mortgage Broker)

You taught me years ago to be vulnerable, I’ve never forgotten that lesson and I’ll give you one last example that really struck a chord with me yesterday that required a great deal of vulnerability. This is from a young guy about 25 who had a pretty rough upbringing, who only recently joined one of my entry level coaching programs and who is really growing in leaps and bounds. After your speech, during our first break, he came up to me, his eyes lit up light a Christmas tree and he said, "I know what my purpose is" and he had that look in his eyes people get when you know they mean what they are saying and that it’s true for them and he said, "My purpose is, to give any kid a chance to be something, no matter their upbringing or where they come from as long as they are willing to have a go and learn’

He has been running a residential and commercial maintenance company doing things like garden care, window cleaning etc… He’s like a sponge and his energy is infectious and with that clarity of purpose, he has the opportunity to help kids (18, 19, 20) who haven’t been dealt the best cards get into an awesome job with his company and change their life; an opportunity he says he didn’t have … really tugs at the old heart strings and as far as a purpose goes, it’s brilliant!

Throughout the day, A LOT of comments about keeping things simple and real… that resonated in terms of 1) Create a real and memorable Purpose and 2) a set of real and brief Guiding Principles… both of which guide your team… that hit home big time!

Plenty of discussion around urgency of companies and teams throughout the day too, this is something I am always hammering home with my clients, we have to have a greater sense of urgency, a burning desire to move forward and grow… and what I personally love about the purpose is that it gives a team a united focus that means something and I think that goes a long way towards creating urgency in and of itself… ‘doing well while doing good’ really got people thinking differently.

One of my longer serving clients asked me after your speech, ‘Jason seems so real, so genuine… how does he stay so grounded?’…I couldn’t answer for you, but what I said was that ever since I’ve known you, you’ve always had that great sense of urgency about you, the desire to do something that matters and I said to them that my guess would be that it’s about the work you do and the effect you can have on people’s lives that keeps you grounded. At the end of the day, you’re a principled person and that sets a great example for others which, in turn, helps them do the same. BTW the client who asked that question won our Annual ‘Outstanding Profit Performance’ Award, his company did $320,000 Net Profit, he’s a top guy, with impeccable character and ethics and has been an absolute pleasure to have as a client, his dedication and work ethic towards growth and improvement in his business is excellent.

I said to everyone yesterday that back when I first met you I thought to myself, "This guy has something vitally important to say, I’d better shut up and listen and get ready to implement." Everyone said the same thing to me yesterday; your life long dedication to business has inspired me and it did so for every business in the room yesterday!

I purchased every attendee a copy of High Speed Company through Audible.com and sent it to each of them as a gift, I’m sure they will listen and implement the steps they need to at the end of each chapter, and it’s my job to make sure they do!

Anyway Jason, I can’t thank you enough, it was great to hear you speak again. I always feel motivated and inspired afterwards; it was truly an honour!

In closing, my Purpose for business is and has been for as long as I can remember: to help small business owners and their teams create quality lifestyles through business success.

Before I drove out of my driveway to go to my personal trainer this morning at about 5:00 AM on a very dark and cold Gold Coast morning, I opened Audible and hit play on The High Speed Company, thought I’d better have a second listen.

Thanks again Jason, and as they say down under… ‘You’re a legend mate!"



photo Eric J. Gregory
Director & Principal Business Coach
Gregory Business Coaching
Gregory Business Coaching

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