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Jason at Chicago's Peninsula Hotel in front of several hundred leaders from Nypro, a plastic company with 52 businesses in 17 countries around the world, at their annual Global Summit.

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Client: Mitsubishi Electric Heating and Cooling
Location: Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain, Arizona
Event: Mitsubishi’s Diamond Distributors Annual Conference
Title of Event: The Five Secrets of the World’s Best Performing Leaders and Companies

Sharing Secrets with Mitsubishi Electric

LogoPhoto of Jason

    "They were talking about your speech for the rest of the conference! Our audience loved his style"

2017- Ritz Carlton Dove Mountain, Arizona - Hundreds of Mitsubishi’s Diamond Distributors gathered in Arizona for their annual dynamic, fast paced conference honoring their most successful customers. The theme of this year’s conference was Vision-Dedication-Success. Jason’s opening keynote speech, titled, The Five Secrets of the World’s Best Performing Leaders and Companies, was based on his research into more than 220,000 companies for his eight bestselling books.

    Here’s what the person who hired Jason had to say following his speech

    "Your message truly resonated with our audience. They were talking about facets of your speech for the remainder of the conference, and many of the five secrets worked their way into main stage/breakout presenter’s speeches.

    There was definitely loads of value in your message!

    Then, immediately following the event, the client wrote to the speaking agent and said, "Jason did an excellent job. He exceeded my expectations, which were quite high after speaking with him ahead of the conference, and our audience really enjoyed his message and presentation style."

    photo Kevin Miskewicz
    Director, Commercial Marketing
    Mitsubishi Electric US Cooling & Heating

Group Photo with jason
Jason pictured with the senior leadership team of Mitsubishi.
Left to right: Steve O’Brien (Vice President, Residential Business), Atsuhiro Yabu (Executive Vice President and General Manager), Mark Kuntz (Senior Vice President and Deputy General Manager), Jason, Keijiro Hora (President and CEO, Mitsubishi Electric US) and Kevin Miskewicz (Director, Commercial Marketing)

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Gallery for Event


Client: IMPACT
Location Las Vegas, Nevada
Result: Praise by Attendees

Photo Credit: Rick Sullivan
"Jason, we received a great deal of positive feedback regarding your presentation. Great job!

Here is one of two photos.

Thanks again."



- - - - -
Impact -- February 11, 2013
Las Vegas, Nevada
(PPTX) -- Jennings2013-IMPACT.pptx.zip -- [2.7MB]
(PPT) -- Jennings2013-IMPACT.ppt.zip -- [6.4MB]
- - - - -

Rick Sullivan
IMPACT Director of Education and Training
1750 New York Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20006



Event: The Benchmark Conference
Location: Chateau Elan, Atlanta, Georgia
Results: Standing Ovation

"Long before now, I should have followed up with a thank you for your
efforts at our Benchmark Conference in Altanta. Count the delay to my desire
to drop you a personal note so that you knew how much I appreciated your
wonderful presentation as well as your involvement in our conference. The
feedback from our attendees has been spectacular. I think you can rest
assured that you did -- as you stated you hoped you would -- change some
people's lives. You are a true professional, and I'm deeply grateful.

I enjoyed meeting you, and I would love to work with you again. Best of luck
in your travels and future endeavors. I hope the new book sells bunches."

Paul Deffenbaugh
Editorial Director
Reed Building Group

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"It is a rare speaker that combines wisdom, storytelling, a global perspective and the essence of a best selling author. Jason Jennings resonates with a wide range of individuals and business executives and in my mind, does it all. What I value about his presentations is that he tailors his message to each group, which conveys authenticity and a close connection with his audience.

A skilled and talented professional, Jason works with groups before, during and after his presentations. He’s the consummate speaker for any business event. We look forward to the next opportunity to learn and grow with Jason!"

    Joel Hoiland, CAE
    Window & Door Manufacturers Association

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Client: Hanley Wood Magazine Division for the NLBMDA Conference
Result: Standing Ovation from the 600 attendees

"People raved about Jason Jennings’ presentation throughout our entire NLBMDA/ProSales Industry Summit. He was informative, entertaining, uplifting and — I’d go so far as to say for some people — life-changing. Given that he was speaking to a room of pragmatic, tough-minded lumber and building material dealers, that’s quite an achievement."

    Craig Webb
    Editor, ProSales
    Hanley Wood Business Media

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"Jason Jennings is THE best corporate keynote speaker I have ever worked with. During my 20+ years in business strategy and leadership development, only Mr. Jennings invested his time to learn about our company’s goals, our challenges and our people.

He crafted and delivered a message based on his insightful research and filled with passion that resonated with the entire audience. Johns Manville’s leaders are better prepared to lead our company through exciting changes in the years to come thanks to Jason. If you need a speaker who can partner with you to educate and inspire your employees to do extraordinary things, Jason Jennings is your guy."

Ratings of Jason's presentation from attendees:

Comments and Suggestions from attendees:

  • Wow!
  • Super!
  • Great presentation, good data and take
  • Best speech I ever heard. We are challenged to bring it in our daily work.
  • Excellent subject matter. Very insightful.
  • Can we get the book?
  • Right on, hard hitting
  • Outstanding
  • Awesome! Excellent and he brought a lot to help us focus on important things to make us a great company.
  • Very inspirational speech. Said things we can and need to apply to take JM to the next level of performance excellence.
  • The 6 things great companies do helps to solidify the JM experience and the need for BPS as a way of life.
  • Concept of stewardship very helpful
  • Timely and impact
  • This was the best speaker I have heard
  • Very human, honest, real. Loved it!
  • Fantastic speaker with great and simple insights. Can we lose the ties now?
  • I personally identified with much of the presentation. We need to cut down on the number of initiatives and communicate our big, bold noble cause.
  • Great speaker. Good content. Added a lot to the summit
  • It would be great if we could work on the traits of a great company and make them our modus operandi.
  • Very engaging, dynamic, informative – very relevant to our BPS efforts.

    Steve Hardardt
    Organizational Effectiveness Leader
    Johns Manville

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"Jason Jennings was outstanding at the McBride & Son Leadership conference!

We’ve had many speakers but nobody has ever made the kind of impact Jason did. His preparation and knowledge of our company and culture was phenomenal and his customized message was perfect! Thank him for helping our great company become even better."

    John F. Eilermann Jr.
    McBride & Son Homes  

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