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Jason at Chicago's Peninsula Hotel in front of several hundred leaders from Nypro, a plastic company with 52 businesses in 17 countries around the world, at their annual Global Summit.

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Client: Motorola
Location: Islamorada, Florida
Result: Great praise with ratings provided by attendees

    "What an incredible presentation you gave for the Florida meeting for Claudia and Russ's teams. WOW!"

Heidi Hattendorf
Employee Learning Director
Motorola Solutions

    "We love you!!! You made a long lasting impact on all of us. I was one of the people that teared up with your stories, particularly when you spoke about your dad and his team... that is how I, along with many other people, feel about our team.

    I absolutely loved that you reinforced that the focus has to be on doing good and on our people. You came to us at the right time. We cannot thank you enough! Thank you for doing your magic!"

Claudia Rodriguez
VP Devices Product Management
Motorola Solutions

The wellbeing and safety of the world is dependent on millions of police, fire, security and public safety workers and Motorola Solutions and their thousands of patents focused on mission critical and wireless technologies allow them to get their big job done. Jason was honored to conduct a half-day program for the company’s top leadership.

First, came the keynote speech and then the audience was divided into small groups and asked, "What does this mean to us and how can we embrace it?" It’s one of the most popular programs that Jason conducts.

Jason on stage
Here the attendees analyze and discuss Jason’s speech asking the question,

    "What does this mean to us and how can we use it?", before reporting back to the entire group.

Jason on stage
Jason pictured with Claudia Rodriguez, VP Devices Product Management and Russ Lund, VP Devices Engineering


Client: Mitel
Location San Diego, California
Result: Standing Ovation

"On behalf of Mitel and Mitel's Partner Community, thank you very much for your outstanding presentation at the Mitel Business Partner Conference.

I do not use the word 'outstanding' lightly.

The feedback from our Channel Partners was overwhelmingly positive. Your message, and your delivery was superb. I would also welcome the opportunity to be a reference for you should you desire one. Thank you and best of luck in your continued success."

Stephen Beamish
Vice President Corporate Marketing & Bus Dev



Client: Notifier / Honeywell
Location Marco Island, Florida
Result: Standing Ovation

"I wanted to thank you for your outstanding presentation at the Annual NOTIFIER by Honeywell Distributor Conference for our premier, Life Safety customers. You could literally hear a pin drop in a room full of 1000 people throughout your captivating Keynote. We’ve never seen as many participants take such copious notes as they did during your presentation.

In addition, your pre-event research to call a cross-section of customers beforehand resulted in obvious, added value. More than any other speaker prior, you demonstrated a sincere grasp of our business and its challenges, thereby allowing you to present the “5 Secrets” in a truly relevant and compelling way to this particular audience.

The final outcome? Everyone LOVED it! Customers talked for days about your speech and how personally applicable it was to them, some of our Executives incorporated what they learned into their own remarks that followed and we received dozens of requests for your presentation (including one from our President). Comments on post-Conference evaluations included such praise as; "Jason was the best keynote we ever had” and the “most valuable presentation of the event".

We look forward to seeing you at our next event, and will be honored if you can teach us even more! "

Marissa Guillen
Marketing Communications Manager
NOTIFIER by Honeywell



Event: Verizon Zoom Conference

"Our conference was a huge success because we had Jason Jennings bat ‘clean-up’ at our Zoom Conference.

From the moment he took the stage until he finished he was connected with the audience.

They were listening, laughing and madly writing notes to record the volume of guidance he shared"

Diane Graham
Customer Operations


Event: Presentation at Draft FCB

"Jason came to speak to our Senior Leadership team, a team that came together a bit less than a year ago when we underwent a merger. As we prepare to collectively move the Chicago office forward for the coming year, his presentation gave us important leadership lessons to think about – as individuals and as a collective unit.

His engaging style and insightful messages left the group energized and looking forward to the year to come and beyond. We hope to have Jason back in the near future to speak to our entire company."

Mark Modesto
CEO of DraftFCB
Chicago, Illinois

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"No one has a more profound impact than Jason Jennings! He’s the best speaker I’ve ever been fortunate enough to work with and listen to!"

    Kathryn Mays Johnson
    Clear Channel

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"Jason Jennings presentation to our Regional Managers in New York was the highlight of our quarterly meeting. What a dynamic speaker and likable professional. Can't wait to have him speak at our National Sales Meeting!"

    Rhonda Scheidel
    Premiere Radio Networks

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"We could not have had made a better choice for our 10th Anniversary Sports Radio/ESPN Conference than to have Jason Jennings as our keynote speaker! Jason's engaging and energetic presentation evoked the strongest response of any speaker in the 10 years of presenting the conference! His enthusiasm was surpassed only by the positive charisma in his personal exchanges with the conference attendees!!"

    Rick Scott
    RSA Sports International, Inc.

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"Jason Jennings was the only speaker at the Radio Advertising Bureau’s Convention to receive all ‘Excellents’ in his critiques!"

    Gail Steffens
    Convention Manager
    Radio Advertising Bureau
    New York, New York

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