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      #1: Episode 35: Where Did You See God (or Good) Today?
      Jason Jennings was made to feel a little uncomfortable recently, but the experience opened his eyes to a game changing paradigm. In this episode, Jason shares how this event in his life caused him to change one important way in which he spends three-to-four minutes each day. Jason will show you how this small change in your life can make a big difference. Listen and answer the question: Will you accept the challenge? Write to us at jason@jason-jennings.com.

      #2: Episode 51: The Eight Benefits of Solo Travel
      Are you so busy working for your business or in your business that there’s never any time to work on your business? Solo business travel provides vital time to work on your business. This week’s episode of The Game Changers reveals the eight benefits of solo business travel and explains how to take full advantage of every business trip you make.

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