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Hit the Ground Running: An interview with Jason Jennings
May 2009
by Debbie Hepton
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Book The ReinventorsBook The Reinventors Current photos of BOOKs Displayed at Hudson Books
for both books, "Think Big Act Small" and "The Reinventors"
May 16, 2012

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Jason's book "The Reinventors"... and the rerelease of his fully revised classic "Think BIG Act Small"... on sale in 1000 Hudson stores across America

FOX Business
Photo sent from one of the team members in Chicago O’Hare Airport
FOX Business
Zhao Yu, Supervisor in the San Francisco Airport store pictured at the end aisle display of Jason's new books
Think Big Act Small in Hudson store
Photo taken by Elizabeth Hazelton at the San Jose airport in Hudson Books
Think Big Act Small in Hudson store
Photo taken at the San Jose airport in Hudson Books by Elizabeth Hazelton, Fortier Public Relations

Picture in from a reader of the end of aisle display in Hudson Airport Store in Dulles, Virginia.


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