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Jason from Amadeus in Bogota, Columbia
Graphic from AbbVie in Paris, France
Jason is ranked #6 as Top Global Guru
Book published in China
Jason in Sri Lanka for MAS Holdings Conference
Jason Travels to the Maldives
Book published in Thailand
Jason's 100th Speaking Trip to Asia
All Aboard! Jason Set Sail with NARTA – Starting in Rome, Italy
The Smart Manager Magazine -- Jason explains the premise of his latest book
The Economic Times of India -- Five myths all leaders believe...
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The Smart Manager Magazine -- Interview with Jason Jennings
Jason Named One of the World’s Top 30 Global Gurus for 2014
Jason’s Books Now in 35 languages
Jason to Speak and Teach in Kuwait March 2015 to the Institute of Banking Studies
Jason getting together with some followers from New Zealand
Jason's January 2014 article for India's largest business daily, The Economic Times of India
Jason Drives It Home for India’s Number One Carmaker – Maruti-Suzuki – in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Jason is to appear in China for "GroupM"
Jason's book to appear in China
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Jason becomes a Myth-Buster
Jason appears in Imperia Magazine
Jason appears in Outlook Business
Jason is interviewed by Economic Times (Corporate Dossier) - CD Live article
Jason appears before STC Group in Dubai
Reinvention for Dummies / Smart Manager magizine
Jason conducts a two-day Leadership Training Program in Thailand for Mega Life Sciences
Smart Manager on book, "Hit the Ground Running"
Corporate Dossier (CD) introduces leadership guru and keynote speaker Jason Jennings
Jason Jennings Keynotes Microsoft’s Asia
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.: The Smart Manager Magazine -- Interview with Jason Jennings

The Smart Manager Magazine
Interview with Jason Jennings

posted: April 2015

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.: Jason Named One of the World’s Top 30 Global Gurus for 2014

Joining fellow authors John Maxwell, Ken Blanchard, John Kotter, Marshall Goldsmith, Tony Robins, Jack Welch, and Tom Peters, Jason was ranked as the world’s 9th favorite business guru for 2014. His ranking was right behind Tom Peters and four places ahead of Jim Collins. In terms of the inspiration they bring to their audiences Jennings, Welch and Goldsmith were the only gurus, among the world’s top ten, receiving five star evaluation scores. To review the complete list and vote on this year’s top gurus visit:



.: Jason’s Books Now in 35 languages

With the January 2015 sale of the rights to Jason’s books to Act Si Politan in Romania the number of languages that Jason’s books have been translated into has hit thirty-five.

The company plans to publish the titles in the summer of 2015.

The titles, Think Big-Act Small, The Reinventors, and his latest, The High-Speed Company, being published in the US by the Portfolio Imprint of Penguin Putnam, will be available worldwide in Romanian.


.: Jason to Speak and Teach in Kuwait March 2015 to the Institute of Banking Studies

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.: Jason getting together with some followers from New Zealand

Jason at event Pictured left to right:

Nicholas Leach
Country Manager, AbbVie Limited, New Zealand

Megan Herbert
Patient Experience Manager, AbbVie New Zealand

Jason Jennings

Siobhan Bulfin
Founder, CEO, Social Code


.: Jason's January 2014 article for India's largest business daily, The Economic Times of India

The Economic Times
Corporate Dossier
January, 2014
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[CLICK HERE to Read on The Economic Times site]

It is the leaders job to create guiding principles for his people: Jason Jennings

During the past dozen years, my research teams and I have evaluated the financial performance of more than 220,000 businesses around the world, built dossiers on more than 50,000 of the best and have interviewed more than 11,000 business leaders across every business category. We've been on a search for whatever it is that allows great leaders and companies to think and move faster than their competitors, to be dramatically more productive than their peers and to consistently innovate and grow their businesses.

The conclusion of our research is that great companies, whose success has withstood the test of time and challenging economic cycles; all have a short list of four or six guiding principles that are known, believed and practiced by everyone in the organization.

The advantages of operating with a set of guiding principles or values are numerous. When a company has a list of guiding values, the enterprise becomes naturally faster. Decisions are easily made; they either fit the guiding principles or they don't. Decision making is moved downward because the guiding principles provide a very clear roadmap for everyone to follow. When everyone knows and uses the rules of the road, everyone in the enterprise is able to spend most of their time doing what's most important; contributing to the organization's growth.

The creation of a set of guiding principles is not a group activity. The leader's first responsibility is to create and make known to everyone in the company a list of the guiding principles or values — the rules of the road — by which all decisions will be made. Here are a few of the guiding principles we discovered during the course of our research.

Doing Well by Doing Good
It starts with taking whatever you do, sell or produce and wrapping it in a purpose that gives meaning to people's lives. If a business is going to become and remain successful it must have a clearly stated noble purpose that's acknowledged, lived and celebrated daily by everyone in the organization.

The Customer
Great companies understand that the sole purpose of business isn't to make a profit; it's to find, keep and grow the right customers. The byproduct of successfully finding, keeping and growing the right customer is the well-earned profit. Only by continually exceeding the right customer's expectations and having a tacit understanding that each time you exceed them that the bar moves even higher, can a company truly succeed and consistently grow.

Transparency and Truth
The best way to build a highly successful company is to share the knowledge with all the people. As Charles Koch, the founder and Chairman, of Koch Industries, one of the two largest privately held companies in the world, told me, "Knowledge isn't power; execution is power," and he added, "the more people who have the knowledge, the more likely you are to have flawless execution."

This happenswhen people believe so strongly in something that they have a burning desire to make it happen immediately. The reason it has to happen now isn't for the rapid accumulation of wealth or motivated by greed, but because they truly believe that what they're doing is so important and beneficial to the end user that they need to get it in their hands as fast as possible.

A Road to Prosperity for Everyone
I begin almost every speech I deliver by asking the audience how many of them would like to make more money. Every hand goes up. Next, I ask them how many would like a promotion at some point. Again, every hand is raised high. Finally, I ask them to answer aloud one more question. "When would you like these things to happen?" The resounding response is always a shouted, "Now!"

Everyone wants a better tomorrow than today and great companies either give everyone an opportunity for actual ownership or provide a pathway to compensation and advancement that accomplishes the same objective. When Twitter went public in the autumn of 2013, one of the greatest thrills their CEO, Dick Costolo, recalls is that of the 1400 employees working at their San Francisco headquarters, more than 1200 became millionaires overnight.


.: Jason Drives It Home for India’s Number One Carmaker – Maruti-Suzuki – in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

India’s Maruti Suzuki produces 1.5 million cars every year. That’s one car every 12 seconds. Head and shoulders above the rest, which includes every major global auto company operating in India.

June 2013

    "It was a real pleasure meeting you and listening to your valuable talk at Maruti Suzuki India Vendor Conference - 2013 at Kuala Lumpur. We all really enjoyed the session with you at our conference…I have received overwhelming response from the suppliers whosoever I got a chance to interact later. Everybody has appreciated the session which they felt as a most cherishing experience for them.

    I think, the way you drafted your speech by interacting with the members of the audience before the actual delivery and understanding their expectations & challenges has given a new dimension to the overall performance by Guest Speakers compared to past experiences in our Conferences."

      S. Maitra
      Chief Operating Officer
      Supply Chain
      Maruti Suzuki India Ltd
      sig logo

Jason at event
Pictured left to right:
Prakash Idnani, who represents Jason exclusively in India, Jason Jennings, R.C. Bhargava /Chairman, and S. Maitra /COO - Supply Chain


.: Jason's back in China

March 2013
Following Jason’s GroupM threw an awards ceremony that Jason says rivaled the Oscar’s and he was pleased to take part and present awards alongside Swee Lynn Chong, GroupM China’s Managing Director of Corporate Communications, who said, "Jason’s speech was well delivered, inspiring, easy to understand and digest which isn’t easy to accomplish with an audience whose native language isn’t English," and added, "he is friendly, personable, but at the same time humble and deeply respectful of our culture. We had a lot of fun working together!"

With more than 200 trips to Asia, the Middle East and Oceania under his belt Jason is always looking for more opportunities to bring the results of his research on speed, productivity, growth, leadership, innovation and reinvention to companies around the world who are committed to embracing change and growth

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GroupM is the parent company of advertising agencies Maxus, MEC, MediaCom, Mindshare, Catalyst and Xaxis. With annual billings of US$ 90 Billion dollars and 400 offices in 81 countries they are the number one media management company in the world. When Betsy Lee, CEO, of GroupM China, was traveling in the US she bought a copy of Jason’s, The Reinventors – How Extraordinary Companies Pursue Continual Radical Change, fell in love with the content and immediately reached out about the possibility of Jason keynoting the firm’s annual conference in Dalian, China. Hundreds of the companies leadership team lined up for autographed copies of The Reinventors.

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.: Jason's book is to appear in China

Jason's NY Times bestselling book, The Reinventors to be published in China
New York – January 27, 2013

China flagThe Penguin Putnam Foreign Sales Team announced the successful completion of negotiations with China Electric Power Press for the Chinese foreign language rights to Jason Jennings NY Times bestselling book, The Reinventors. A spokesperson for CEPP said the book should be available in Mainland China in mid-2013. Jennings, who speaks and teaches in China frequently said he was pleased that his Chinese audiences would now be able to read his latest book in their native language. To date Jason’s books have been published in 32 languages.

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